Outdoor Window Cleaning Service

We provide window cleaning services in the areas of Galway City and Galway County, for both residential and commercial buildings. We have a very low risk approach to how we carry out our window cleaning. We operate from the ground with high reach equipment designed to keep both you, our customer and our staff as safe as possible throughout the process of cleaning your windows.

Safety is an absolute priority with us and we will not turn up at your home or business premises with ladders and hanging buckets like traditional window cleaning companies.

Because our work is carried out from the ground, it greatly reduces any risk associated with normal working at heights that you may have been familiar with around your home or business.

With the latest groundbreaking waterfed pole technology and the pure water cleaning system, we have the most advanced glass cleaning tools of our time ready to get your windows cleaner than ever before.

We can clean glass, fascias, soffits, stainless steel, solar panels, signage and much more. We can clean to a height of 3 stories, which is ideal for townhouses on busy main streets of villages and towns around Galway Ireland. Our equipment is designed to deliver the highest efficiency with the least amount of disturbance to our customers.

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Our pure water window cleaning system allows us to give a truly professional window cleaning service, as we demand the best from our window washing equipment. The water fed pole system along with water fed brushes tackle dirt and grime up to three stories ensuring safe and thorough cleaning without risk. Our system is very portable, which means we can operate extremely efficiently around your home or business with minimum disruption to you,  your family or your workers. The Unger HydroPower system we use for outdoor cleaning of windows, soffits, solar panels etc is at the cutting-edge of pure water innovation for the cleaning industry.

Residential & Commercial Gutter Cleaning

We use the Worlds Most Powerful Free Standing, Advanced Professional Gutter Cleaning Equipment & High Reach Vacuuming System.

We can reach to 3 stories to clean your gutters. We can reach above conservatories without the use of ladders, therefore saving time and providing a safer work environment.

Proof of Cleaning

We invite you to view the wireless colour camera and LCD screen monitor that allows you to see inside the gutter from ground level ensuring nothing is missed. Watch the powerful suction action remove heavy debris from your gutter and be certain that your gutter is clear after cleaning.

Indoor Window Cleaning for Homes & Business Premises

Indoor window cleaning that is 25% faster and uses 39% less chemicals than traditional cloth cleaning.

With our No Water Stingray system, we can reach up to 2 stories internally without the use of a ladder, which greatly reduces any risk associated with normal cleaning methods.

We provide a professional service with increased efficiency and safety at it’s core. Because our equipment is battery powered it increases productivity and safety by eliminating time spent moving furniture or climbing ladders.

Our high reach window cleaning systems allows access to normally inaccessible areas, reducing risk to staff and customers properties.

We can reach those normally hard to reach areas such as windows on stairways, conservatories, above entrance doors etc without any fuss and minimum disturbance to your family or workers.

Power Washing

We are fully dedicated to providing a high quality power washing service at competitive rates.

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